Roshen for children

 As a Company, we realize, that the children are the base of the society. Making them happy is not only our strategy, but a reality to happen. In July to August (22.07.2016-20.08.2016) children’s entertainment centers were flooded with different Roshen characters, who had special programs of entertaining the kids, sharing with delicious presents and photo sessions. Nothing can be compared with the joy and the mood of the participants.

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The Day of Knowledge with Roshen

On the Knowledge Day, ''Roshen'' brand has congratulated 1000 first-graders and they have received their sweet gifts, notepads and pens.

As well, the heroes of ''Roshen'' have visited children from 3 schools that have been selected at random.

And how all of this was happened, see here.

Armenia StartUp Cup

Megafood as a sweet partner of Armenia StartUp Cup 2016 National Challenge

And how all of this was happened, see here.