The Companies Association “Slavyanka” has been carrying on its business since 1932. Nowdays “Slavyanka” is represented by several modern production complexes fitted out with advanced, highly technological equipment, produced by leading European manufacturers. Company’s product range is represented by over 250 items.

In  early 2015 “Slavyanka”  merged with “Orkla Brands Russia”. The transaction also included the purchase of affiliated brands “Factory named after Krupskaya”, “Volzhanka”, “Pekar”, “Slad&Co”, “Konfi” and all related trademarks of Orkla confectionary factory, which is one of the famous largest Norwegian industrial companies. This company was founded in the XVII century. 

All Confectionary Factory “Slavyanka” products are manufactured without any genetically modified organisms (GMO) use, which is proved by relevant declarations of the confectioneries production without GMO use on annual basis. The products quality and safety are proved by integrated management system meeting international quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP). The Companies Association “Slavyanka” production is available and is demanded in all the Russian Federation Regions, CIS countries, Europe and far abroad.

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